Company Registration in India
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Company Registration in India 

Before going to know Company registration In India. One should understand that there are few terms which are used interchange for  Company Registration in India.  Company Registration in India = Company Incorporation in India= Company forming in India. These three terms are used interchangeable and having the same meaning.

In India to register a company is a completely online process. But you need to know the how to register a company. There are various steps that one has to follow to register a company. Let us understand these steps one by one:-

Step 1 of "Company Registration In India"

To acquire Digital Signature Certificate  (DSC)

The company is required to submit the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Application form along with the identity proof (PAN Card), residence proof and one photograph.

Step 2  of "Company Registration In India"

To obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN)

For obtaining a DIN you have to file the Form DIR-1. Once you file the Form DIR-1 a challan is generated and on foot of the challan, you get the DIN.

Documents required for obtaining DIN are as follows:-

a. Identity Proof should contain any one of the following:

PAN Card

Driving License


Voter Id Card

b. Residence Proof should contain any one of the following:

Driving License


Voter Id Card

Telephone Bill

Ration Card

Electricity Bill

Bank Statement

Step 3 of "Company Registration In India"

To apply for name of the Company 

You have to file the Form INC 1.  This form contains  three parts:-

           Part A: Reservation of name for incorporation of a new company

  1. Application for New / Change of name
  2. Details of Applicant
  3. Type of Company
  4. Name of the State/Union territory in which the proposed company is to be registered
  5. Name of the office of the Registrar of Companies in which the proposed company is to be registered
  6. Details of promoter(s) quoting DIN
  7. Objects of the proposed company to be included in its MoA.
  8. Particulars of proposed director(s)
  9. Whether the Promoters are carrying on any Partnership firm, sole proprietary or unregistered entity in the name as applied for      Yes/No.                                                    Part B  Particulars about the proposed name(s)
  10. Number of proposed names for the company (Please give maximum six names in order of preference)
  11. Whether the proposed name is in resemblance with any class of Trade Marks Rules, 2002 If yes, Please specify the Class(s) of trade mark      Yes No.
  12. Whether the proposed name(s) is/are based on a registered trademark or is the subject matter of Say Yes /No.  If yes, furnish particulars of trade mark or application and the approval of the applicant or owner of the trademark an application pending for registration under the Trade Marks Act.
  13. In case the name is similar to any existing company or to the foreign holding company, specify name of such company and also attach copy of the No Objection Certificate by way of board resolution (Duly attested by a director of that company)
  14. (a) Whether the proposed name includes the words such as Insurance, Bank, Stock exchange, Venture Capital, Asset (If yes, attach the approval or if No, attach the approval at the time of filing the incorporation form) (b) Whether the proposed name including the phrase 'Electoral trust' [If Yes, attach the affidavit as per rule 8(2)(b)(vi)] If Yes, whether the in-principle approval is received from specify other Yes/ No.
          Part C. Names requiring Central Government approval required

15. State whether the proposed name(s) contain such word or expression for which the previous approval of Central Government is if Yes, this form shall be treated as an application to the Central Govt. for such approval and shall be dealt with accordingly)

Then at the end a.  Optional attachment, if any. b.  List of attachments c.   Declaration

Step 4 of "Company Registration In India"

To File SPICe Forms PAN-TAN for registration to the Registrar of Companies

You need to file three forms:-

  1. Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Companies Electronically (SPICe) Form INC-32
  2. eMemorandum of Association (SPICe MoA), Form INC-33
  3. eArticles of Association (SPICe AoA), Form INC-33

Once you have filed and paid the registration fees then all the forms are scrutinized by MCA officials and if they found that all the forms are in order then they issue the Certificate of Incorporation of the company.

PAN  & TAN is aslo issued  to you through this portal.


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